Wing Tsun Kuen has 28 ratings and 2 reviews. Serge said: An amazing book on the art of Wing Chun. All of the forms are shown. Sil Nim Tau is broken down. This book contains information on Wing Tsun’s history, Tales of Yip Man, training system of Wing Tsun Kuen. Includes illustrations, theories, and techniques for. Leung Ting. Wing Tsun Kuen. (Hong Kong, ). The comprehensive work by Dr. Leung Ting, Grandmaster of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun), Closed Door Student of .

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There is no consensus, as there is no direct formal comparison. Some of his Mr. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Leung Ting. Wing Tsun Kuen (Hong Kong, )

All materials published on the website Kungfulibrary. While different schools will have different equipment and uniforms, there are some common elements amongst them. Are financial concerns, family plans, career considerations, or medical reasons for example, never good enough to leave the IWTA?

I suppose it’s a badge of honor to be attacked by Mr. Do they not know that the Internet even exists? The headquarters are in Hungary. Read below for more on this case. Lat Sao can be both beneficial and detrimental leujg not practiced with awareness of its benefits and its pitfalls.

At the sake of sounding repetitive, this must be thoroughly understood. Then why was Robin, with all his amazing Hong Kong training, afraid to fight? Leung Ting’s seminar policies were problematic and every year there were fewer and fewer students.

Leung Ting – Wikipedia

But Robin, please be advised that this post represents only a small fraction of what I have and it’s not even the best stuff!


As of this writing we are still Facebook friends. Murat Senyuz rated it it was amazing Dec 11, As part of this scheme, Mr. The first twelve student levels take about four years to complete at average attendance twice weekly. But now I’m no longer shackled in mind-forged manacles. Leung must start to realize that if so many people become his “rebels” maybe it’s not the rebels, maybe it’s him? Ali rated tshn really liked it Tung 09, Very pleased with wng description and quality of tshn book.

At another seminar and instructor class with Sifu Leung Ting, this time in Toronto See all 3 reviews. Leung’s American country boys. Serpil De coninck marked it as to-read Jul 08, I lost a bet.

He was an original student of Leung Sheung, and later became the last closed door student of Ip Man. It only happens when he feels threatened.

Reviewing the countless emails I have with him, I’m reminded of how he tried to get me to dislike my own s i-fuhow he concocted wars between me and other instructors, and how at every leumg he would undermine his own success with his constant scheming. Also how come the only Asian Wing Tsun fighters who are not afraid to fight are my students?

Do they know how few US members they have left? Your personal information is processed on our state-of-the-art e-commerce system, so you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. Must one stay locked in for life? Sifu Tam would pass away a few short years later.

Leung Ting

The standard procedure for me would have been to inform Sifu Jeff at least a few weeks in advance to let him know about my training in HK. Robin and me in Hong Aing in Lat Sao is a sensitivity drill to obtain specific chi sao sticky hands reflexive responses. Lat Sao is not about hitting your opponent, but about feeding him attacks that he trains to counter.


I have senior students who themselves are already better than Mr. Lip testified that Leung banged her head against the floor, kicked her in the stomach, grabbed her throat and boxed her ears ,uen a heated argument involving Leung’s ex-wife. In fact when Mr. In addition to the hand forms there is also a standardised set of leg forms that are learned with the Siu Nim Tau.

Leung and the IWTA. Leung had still has a habit of taun European students secretly in an effort to develop a future usurper of his student’s Keith Kernspecht’s kingdom.

Pay attention here folks: Leung, if the senior students that you bestow with the 10th Level M. The comprehensive work by Dr. Two of them have since left the IWTA! If I only learned from Mr. You are always welcome. Leung Ting is a notorious blame shifter and it’s business as usual that he hid behind his assistant Robin Tsang Ho Bun in the statement against me. The shopping cart is powered by 2Checkout, Inc. Who is that seated next to Sifu Leung Ting? He truly knows his stuff and how to teach WingTsun techniques to his students and make sure that they grasp the points.