The trick is tickling your amydgala. The amygdala is a dual cluster of nerve cells directly underneath the frontal lobes of the brain. If you imagine. I first met Neil Slade back in the late 90s. He literally blew our minds at viewzone with his amazing story of how the function and control of the amygdala — a pair. 9 Nov Back in or I received an email from Neil Slade. He wanted to interview me for a book he was writing called Tickle Your Amygdala.

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Just one of the many things I still have to learn.

You can pick out a much better program any time you wish. The amygdala is a part of your brain, specifically the limbic system. Imagine yoir surprise when I opened it and found this quote at the top of Chapter 1, Amygdala Tickling Fun-da-mentals:. Well, it’s a self-diagnosis – but it explained so many things to me about myself. They want your reptile brain shouting so loud that it completely drowns out any intelligent conversation that your frontal lobes may be trying to get in. One of the reasons for the long success of mammals is a little bit inside the mammal brain that allows furry creatures to experience emotions.

Tickle your amygdala!

Sure enough, the problems sorted themselves out, so all that worry was unnecessary anyway. Happened when she poured warm water on my forehead in a stream from a pot. If your amygdala compass says, “Go this way!

Nicole Sanchez marked it as to-read Aug 27, Samuel De bellefeuille marked it as to-read Jan 15, The proverbial jest on the human race is that old Zen predicament of dying of thirst while swimming across a lake — we just never bothered to pay any attention to what was literally right under our noses.

I took a whiff of a cinnamon bun one of my favorite smells and noted the scent. I read the Kindle version, which Slade has self-published – quite a feat. I’d say I stood there for five minutes or less, but it seemed like forever, simply One with the Something that speaks to me from the land where I live. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking Nirvana, the perfect romance, a good job, a decent meal, personal fulfillment, junk food atthe sub-atomic equations that explain the way the universe works, or God’s home address — the one basic universal essential question underneath every other existing question is always the same.


It’s a great way to take a second vacation. Years went by and life got in the way. Miguel Anjel marked amytdala as to-read Jun 09, Obviously, this emotional brain area is not always functional, itckle observed in those upright humanoid brains that would cut off funding for badly needed social service programs without blinking an eyelash.

Cross section] You have two amygdala in your brain, but they both pretty much do the same thing.

Meditation versus Amygdala Tickling

Thus, when we sense a threat, our amygdala instantly engages negative emotions such as fear and repulsion. He literally blew our minds at viewzone with amygdwla amazing ticklr of how the function and control of the amygdala — a pair of almond shaped organs in the brain — was discovered by and old and eccentric genius who claimed to have discovered the means of mental happiness.

The thread that ties all of these unique tales together is the story of how the human brain produces amazing results when the amygdala is tickled forward. And as I stood there, my amygdala twanging like a banjo string, I suddenly felt my frontal lobes pop, and I was instantly opened up to a whole new world of perception. Just think for a second yoyr remember a time when suddenly all of the pieces fit together, when you finally got it, what you had been looking for, for all that time.

The trees were outlined in their own auras, a shimmer of deep pink I heard called a lightskin in my mind I was curious what tcikle hyperlink was for the following sentence on your site: You have done a wonderful job of integrating Sacred Love with the amygdala practice. Yes, I had to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves to me, but they came out of the blue.


You are going in the wrong direction, your amygdala gets bitten, and you feel bad. I could sit at any lunch table I wanted to. You make lemonade out of lemons. Vijay Gowda marked it as to-read Feb 05, As previously shown, you’ve got two of them, one in each side of your head, one for each hemisphere of your brain.

Tickling The Amygdala

Carry it around in your pocket. If you prefer, use a pair of feathers and do both sides at the same time. When your frontal lobes are happily at work, that tickles your amygdala even more.

That’s why you still have an amygdala and why it’s never been discarded into the evolutionary garbage heap. Sanja Kranjc marked it as to-read Aug 24, When your amygdala is biting and indicating to you wrong direction, your frontal lobes can calculate a change in direction so that your amygdala then gets tickled instead of bitten.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! View all posts by George Coghill. In this way, although your reptile brain may give your amygdala a small view of things, your frontal lobes Big Magic Eye will supply your amygdala with a degree picture of the universe — a picture that will serve you far better in the long run, and results in a more accurate compass reading.

Inmy life was turned upside down.