These are the notes I took, for my own use, from Joel Fuhrman’s Super Immunity. I just pasted them directly from my Evernote account, so they’re not well. Super Immunity has ratings and reviews. Mitzi said: Dr. Fuhrman is brilliant. I have altered my diet after reading Eat to Live, 3 and 1/2 month. Bolster your immunity so you can lose weight, boost energy and never have a sick day again with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s science-based nutrition formula.

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Eating a plant-based diet is not a short-term fujrman. Visit the official Harlequin book site. To ask other readers questions about Super Immunityplease sign up.

Yes, because I do believe it is apitamy of health; however, when you have an autoimmune disease like me and your digestive track does not extract all the nutrients it should out of food you severely lack B12, iron, D, and zinc in your diet from doing this drastic lifestyle. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category.

Super Immunity – Joel Fuhrman M.D. – Hardcover

There is also a confusing chapter that recommends everyone take a multivitamin and then proceeds to describe why many common components in multivitamins are toxic. There are many holes in this book.

Basically he wants you to eat healthy to be healthy and stop feeding into all the hype diets which are immunitty impossible to maintain on a long term basis. I recommend this book to others who are willing to experiment with their diet to immunit their health. I enjoyed this book for the most part and was inspired to let’s hope it lasts! We all have the ability to live healthier, stronger, and longer than ever before. This guide, along with The Best Multivitamin eBook- what that means, what to look for, and a whole lot more Best Health Secrets Guide have helped me and my family tremendously as we search for ways immunitu live better through our food choices.

I figure that if it tastes like snake oil, there’s probably I’m conflicted about this book.

Even before I read this one, I haven’t had a flu, sinus infection, serious cold, or other virus inmunity three years, thanks to eating the way Dr. Food by David L. Mar 24, Carol Dickerson rated it liked it. Taken in its f The progenitor of ANDI score has summarized his recommendations for better immunity as follows: The idea that nuts, berries, and raw vegetables are storehouses of immune-supporting nutrients is essential to understanding how Super Immunity works.


He gives friendly lists and charts showing the different benefits of different fruits and suuper. With more than 85 plant-based recipes, a two-week menu plan, and lists of super foods that boost immunity, Dr.

Our dietary choices are making us sicker, shortening our lives, and costing us billions of dollars in doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman This was an interesting immunnity although I can’t say that I learned anything new or that I believe all his dietary claims.

I am skeptical of the studies that he cites primarily because I know how easy it is to skew results to show just about anything you want it to ommunity.

Given the food rich environment with artificially heightened food engineering which are diametrically opposite to these suggestions, his recommendation requires a complete overhaul of typical eating preference and even the whole mindset. Just be forewarned that the author is a supporter of a more veggie, legume and vegan style diet. The best part is that all the recipes are chock full of micronutrients that will help me and my children fight off illnesses that seem to take over in our house of six.

I have a few more I am planning on making yet.

Cruciferous Veggies – Your disease fighters! This book explains the immune system’s function and gives advice on how to strengthen it using food as your medicine.

I have a few more I am planni I agree with almost all of Dr. Also, if you are thinking about the additional menus and recipes I would suggest his Eat To Live Cookbook, or his Immmunity For Health, which might be better suited for only those recipe needs.

You may not need to read another book. The links will take you to the Web site’s homepage. It’s a good contributionamply footnoted to document the science behind his recommendations, and replete with the personal stories of successful patients that seems a requirement of immunkty genre of self help books. Fuhrman gives advice on supplements to avoid many common ones like vitamin C and supplements that are worth using Zinc, Vitamin D and not much else and teaches you how to get the nutrients and vitamins you need from common foods.


I stuck with it though and did find a lot of good information I want to verify on my own. Even, the lame USDA ascribes to this sentiment.

What kind of books do you like to read? I can agree we are all nutrient deprived. Both are super-loaded with information that can change your health dramatically.

Super Immunity

However, if you are looking to read only one book about nutrition or one book by Dr. The recipes at the back of the book sound really awful.

Super Immunity offers everybody the most sensible, most effective dietary approach to become and stay truly healthy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. We are eating too many highly processed foods, foods with added sweeteners, and animal fats and protein.

The author is an MD who is a researcher into nutrition and relies on studies, rather than logic, to make his point. Whole Foods now posts the scores next immuhity each of their vegetables. I am not planning on following his suggested diet but instead read this book for inspiration on my path to healthier eating. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. Oct 09, Pamela rated it it immunitj amazing. Supe there you can navigate to the title you are interested in.

Based on the latest scientific research, Super Immunity shows us how we can become almost totally resistant to colds, influenza, and other infections.