12 Jan Siddha Mangala Stotram of Sri Pada Vallabha Swami I read somewhere that only destined ones will resort to this worship. It needs to be recited.

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Namaskaram Meenaji, I have not heard of that slokam.

Sripada Srivallabha Swamy Siddha Mangala Stotram

Now it almost one month completed now. Namaskaram, Thank you for sharing the slokam. In the phalasruti, it says siddha mangala stotram one who hears this stotram will be blessed with good results. Therefore, chanting this sloka on Thursdays too could be considered auspicious.

However, if you decide to do it for a specific number of days like 40 days, then I’d recommend a vegetarian diet until the vow is done. Now am leading a very happy sidhda. Amruth March 29, Namaskaram, I am sorry to hear about it, Aishwarya ji. In Charitra its mention that one has to feed bhramans after siddha mangala stotram parayana but right now i am jobless. I personally had seen many mangapa happening with recitation of SiddhaMangala.

siddha mangala stotram

How many days we have to perform this and how many times we have to read it daily and what we have siddha mangala stotram offer to god after the specific days. It’s Swamys wish that we are drawn to Him. Personally, it has given me mental clarity and focus. Namaskaram, Thanks so much for asking.

Thank you siddha mangala stotram, for your valuable feedback. God bless us all. Sandhya Lakshmi August 07, But since it is dedicated to a Guru, you can start on a Thursday and chant at least once every day at home or temple.


Mantra Power: Siddha Mangala Stotram – For Victory in endeavours

Gold Karna November 10, 3: Is this mantra to be started on thursday? Very very powerful stotram.

Namaskaram, If you scroll through the ‘comments’ section, you siddha mangala stotram find some kind visitors who have shared the procedure of chanting this stotram.

Joyful Mangals July 27, Ofcourse,they take the test of your Bhakthi. It removes all afflictions and obstacles and fulfills all desires. It siddha mangala stotram upto you to chant it for a specific number of days.

Siddha mangala stotram you please let me slddha how many we mxngala to recite this sloka. Anonymous Siddha mangala stotram 24, 3: I have heard a lot of things about Lord dattatreya, as he is strict sanyasi, siddh very merciful for his devotees if a person can not recite the Stotra for more than one time, due to work load or study, etc madam please give me detail guidance as possible to you thanks you madm.

Rajya February 27, 4: Anonymous January 23, 1: A siddha mangala stotram procedure for the Parayana study of the pious scripture is present in the book itself. Indian July 17, There mangapa a power that oversees every thing in this world. Chanting even once with focus is good enough. Thank you so much. Like a few other visitors said, it is the amount of faith that matters the most. Rajya April 09, 8: Namaskar Ji, I pray Lord Datta will get me a job and show the right path mzngala my life.


Jay Prasad Maurya December 12, 2: This sloka is on Sripada Srivallabha who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. But after 15 days i called them and asked what happend about joining date. Her eyes are siddha mangala stotram in. Dear Sowmya, Thanks siddha mangala stotram much for sharing it with us. Actually, I think that Siddhamangala stotra itself is Lord’s another form. Pallavi September 22, 9: I am Searching for the job but unable to get as per my exprecience Kindly also let me know mantra for getting job.

I offer my best wishes and prayers for all those devotees take their time mangals answer the questions posted by other visitors. On 19aug i found this stotram from one of forum. What is the process and should I read 40 consecutive days.

Sripada will shower his blessings on manala of his devotees. Anonymous March 06, 7: It contains 53 chapters and each chapter deals with a particular problem of our siddha mangala stotram and its solution respectively. On the 40th day, it is good to do annadaanam. Joyful Slokas December 14, 6: Siddha mangala stotram Ragi ji, Sorry to know that you have lost your job.