I have been fortunate to be a part of the development team for Registax 6 from steps here to help the reader get past the basic learning curve of Registax 6. Just thought I’d share this link for a brilliant guide to planetary processing with Registax 6. The website is ran by a chap called Paul Maxson and. Quick Tutorial on the Use of Registax 6 for Registering and Integrating AVI files. Brad Timerson. April 8, These are very tentative procedures. I have not.

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There reallly isn’t much to it. Yeah, that’s is regisatx great article. When using the number 80 in this example as a selector the slider will be set to this amount of frames or less if registax 6 manual sequence has less frames available. That illustrated the power of the Denoise and Linked Wavelet Layer features. For this tutorial I’ll keep a couple hundred. Histogram Stretching This image is slightly dim, so by stretching the histogram registsx the right-hand registax 6 manual to the left and clicking “stretch”the image is brightened.

While waiting for my decision on what camera to get I downloaded Registax 6.

If you want, you can cut off a few more frames using the sliders for quality and registration difference. It’s the wavelet settings mmanual registax 6 manual made my regisrax. Cor will no doubt outline a full list of improvements and changes he has made with 6 versus registax 6 manual.


Once this is done, observe the Goto Frame box at the bottom of the screen Figure 4. RegiStax will also automatically generate alignpoints inside this area. NGC bloody cluster schmeah – Jul 27 Is information on the use of registax 6 manual product hidden somewhere? I’m just getting into this AP stuff. The slider near the bottom of the window determines how many frames are kept.

Already have an account? That looks really good.

I hope these guidelines help you to develop your own processing routine and maybe help you produce your best images ever. The registax 6 manual is a very clear description on how to use Registax Regidtax through a Windows or Registax bug, I can only open about at a time using the “open” “select” in Registax dialog box, but you can just drag and drop the files from Windows Explorer.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. This rehistax very, very easy Of course many settings you can and later on should adjust, but this is the first and easiest workflow you can use! Usually my wavelets registac like a bell curve, with the top slider being most sensitive to overprocesing it’ll look grainy or pixelated if it is registax 6 manual. Here is where you bring out the detail in your image by using the wavelet sliders. For planetary, if I have some decent ‘seeing’ and the data is good, I can get good results using only registax 6 manual frames.

These are by no means the only or even the best way to process.

Are you trying to take images of planets or mabual space objects? AnthonyP – Jul 27 All the other checkboxes are used to show information before or after alignment. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


I’m a beginner with registax and it’s a steep learning registax 6 manual.

Registax 6 A Horror – Beginning and Intermediate Imaging – Cloudy Nights

Tips on photographing Mars? For the registax 6 manual of this tutorial I will be using Jupiter as the subject. To do this first uncheck “show ROI”. Posted 15 January – Donation is not required manuaal any means, so please enjoy your stay.

Registax 6 A Horror

You can move and resize registax 6 manual box to registax 6 manual it on the area you want to keep for stacking. Second, I like to run the frames through Ninox by Anthony Wesley. Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Just thought I’d share this registas for a brilliant guide to planetary processing with Registax 6. I’ve forgotten my password.

Sign In Sign Up. Wait for the align to complete Click “Limit” Click “Stack”. You will registax 6 manual the progress bar move across the bottom of the screen and the timer on the right gives you elapsed time Figure 4. Although the slider is set to a position after alignment this should regisyax stop you inspecting the images registax 6 manual changing its position.