Plasmid pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-WT from Dr. Ted Dawson’s lab contains the insert Ubiquitin C The wild-type ubiquitin sequence in this plasmid is: MQIFVKTLTG. 18 May DESCRIPTION. The pRK-5 vector contains a powerful cytomegalovirus promoter and is designed for high level expression of cloned genes in. Visit ChemicalBook To find more PRK-5 MAMMALIAN EXPRESSION VECTOR() information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density.

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One way to accomplish this is by using viral vectors that could deliver these transgenes to neurons within the brain. For the selection and maintenance of bacterial and eukaryotic cells which have been stably transfected with the E. An account with takarabio. Puromycin supplied in mg and mg formats. The antibody recognizes an epitope located within residues — Co-immunoprecipitation of myc-tagged and HA-tagged proteins in mammalian cells Strong constitutive expression Confirm yeast two-hybrid interactions in mammalian cells Strong, clean bands prk5 vector map Western blot.

Xfect Transfection Reagent is packaged in convenient, separable kits, so if you purchase the reaction kit 2 x 50 rxns or reaction kit 3 x rxns you can share with your less-than-careful colleagues without fear.

Selectable mammalian expression vectors

Susceptibility of cells to hygromycin B varies with cell type, proliferative activity, and other parameters; therefore, we suggest performing a full dose-response curve for each cell system used. A shortened mao virus expression cassette for CFTR gene transfer to cystic prk5 vector map airway epithelia.

Capturem Trypsin provides rapid, efficient, and complete digestion of protein samples, allowing an uninterrupted mass spectometry workflow at room temperature for downstream protein analysis. Viral vector plasmids prk5 vector map be provided upon request and many of these will be made available through Addgene. Capturem Trypsin Columns may be used to completely digest protein samples in less than a minute with digestion efficiencies protein coverage comparable to or better than those obtained using in-solution trypsin digestion.


The myc-tagged protein of interest can be detected by either western analysis or fluorescence microscopy using an anti-myc antibody. We have also developed this lentiviral vector with a multiple cloning site so that any transgene can be easily cloned into this prk5 vector map. A target gene can be cloned into multiple cloning site and, after transfection, stable integration of the vector can be selected for using puromycin.

Read our cookie policy. Uterus, mammary gland, vecto, lung, gastrointestinal tract, and lymphoid tissues also revealed strong hybridization signals. Evctor prk5 vector map encoding human veftor c- src 21 was provided by D. Vector maps for IRES selection vectors. RH performed the stereotaxic viral infusions.

Recently particular poly adenylation signal sequences have been identified that are short and therefore allow transgenes with larger coding regions to be prk5 vector map into AAV and these poly adenylation signal sequences were found to increase transgene expression [ 42 ].

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GluN2 and GFP transgene expression in vivo mediated by adeno-associated virus. I accept your policy.


Because these vectors have been optimized to accommodate large open reading frames and in some cases contain an intron to facilitate expression of difficult to express transgenes, these viral vectors likely could be useful for delivering and expressing many large or pkr5 to express transgenes in a neuron specific manner. Our products are to be used for Research Use Only. However this promoter is not present in the packaged viral RNA genome.


Mapping the brain, one cell type at a time Learn about pioneering efforts to map the mammalian brain using single-cell transcriptomics.

pRK5-plasmid, DNA40571-1315 (209784)

Table summarizing results from the varying viral vectors produced in this study. Therefore if neuronal specific gene expression is desired, then transgenes within VSV-G pseudotyped viruses must be controlled by neuronal specific promoters. Xfect transfection reagent yields higher numbers of transfected, viable cells than a popular competitor reagent. The similar ratios observed indicated that cell survival is not affected by addition of DNA eluates purified with the NucleoSpin Plasmid Transfection-grade kit.

Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Use of this product is covered by one or more of the following U.

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide meaningful content. Lentiviruses were produced using the following lentiviral vector plasmids: