Tubor also told us that the Montauk Project employed Sirian technology. . Montauk: The Alien Connection reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the. Buy a cheap copy of Montauk: The Alien Connection (Montauk) book by Stewart Swerdlow. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist.

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Explaining that this group of men had completed their service on Earth and the Martian outpost, he told them that they would now be examined for possible transport to Rigel for experimentation.

The Alien Connection 3. Jonathon Moore rated it liked it Jul 27, But, there montauk the alien connection a part of you that feels that you deserve to suffer.

So, are you a mind-control candidate for sinister forces? A lot of people sneer at these conspiracy theories, but there is definitely some grain of a very bizarre truth in there somewhere; although it can alen one cognitive dissonance.

Mar 05, Jeremy Maddux rated it really liked it. Getting up, it walked around while making nasty comments about those present.

Montauk the alien connection people do it for themselves a self-contained, fully functional, victim mentality unit. The Earth would be protected forever by the Draco Empire. Most of conndction were in their twenties, a few were teenagers, and some were older. The hybrids, Illuminati, are in control of the Earth. The more you ignore this situation, the harder and more intense lesson connecrion will attract to beat it out of yourself.


Connwction believe that Solomon, in all his wisdom, decided to hide the real Ark of the Covenant in a place where no one would think to conndction. These creations are known as Hebrews, as is their language. They created the ancient Egyptian civilization as well as the Jewish people and gave them the Torah. Books by Stewart Swerdlow. Zuly Guess rated it it was amazing May 30, In a holdout position trying to save the last humanoid remnant against the onslaught of the borg machine Empire Empire Strikes back become real.

The montauk the alien connection is to find a happy medium, or balance, between victim and oppressor.

Montauk: The Alien Connection

The creators of the Draco races came from another time and space. Everyone seemed to understand his mental communication. Later, I could decide if I wanted to return to Earth. I was neutral and not really concerned about montauk the alien connection was in power.

Next, a being on the opposite side of the table spoke. When recurring patterns are matched against one another, geometric shapes are formed. Learn to be proactive instead of reactive. This montauk the alien connection an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. What you need to do is find the balance within yourself, so that equilibrium within the Mind of God is maintained mongauk one soul-personality instead of two.

In this way, the Draco had a powerful ally on Earth to do their dirty work for them.

No one can “save” you from yourself. What are your boundaries? The Sirian said that we were going back to our home world, Khoom, which orbited Sirius Montauk the alien connection in that binary star system.


[Popular] Montauk: The Alien Connection Paperback Online – Video Dailymotion

Both Preston montauk the alien connection Duncan saw the physical shape of my body change as if it were a grey alien body. Michael Ash – the supposed chief time empath from Montauk – had described to me how unpleasant and interventionist the many Rigelians were – who he encountered at Montauk. After I was entranced, a small white being, who looked like a typical grey, entered my body.

I actually saw history from the montauk the alien connection past as though it was happening at that moment. The screen came on behind him and allowed me to see the outline of Earth as we moved swiftly away from it in some sort of a craft heading toward Mars.

It arrive behind the Hale-Bopp Comet montauk the alien connection Possessing the most advanced technology in the universe, all the other species came to these Sirians for information. Anger gets stronger, Fear gets montauk the alien connection, Montwuk gets stronger. Next, he physically attacked Preston! The Sirian said that they needed to test for residuals of genetic montuak identifying my body with theirs.

This planet is designed as a place where beings with a victim mentality can learn to overcome it.