Jamil Bashir Oud Method (VOL1 & 2 pdf) – update II – I was thinking that it may Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1 · Jamil Bashir Oud Method. THE OUD. The Way to Teach It. Volume 1. by Jamil Bashir. Teacher of Oud, Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad. Prepared by Habibe Zohor El-Abeas. I had an introductory course in Oud last year and it only lasted for four weeks and only two classes per Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1.

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This is really great and I agree that you are doing everyone a great service by making these books available.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise

As you can see, the response to your helping to make Bashirs method available to us metuod been so very positive and a real musical blessing. I will explain the mistakes that i corrected in the book and will show how I corrected them. Marina Oud Junkie Posts: Thx again Alami for sharing this with us A French translation would be cool, too!

Thank you very much. Does anyone find the recommended fingering a little different??

Mike’s Oud Forums – Powered by XMB

I don’t have access to a Windows machine. So being part of this “collective learning experience” is a joy, and I truly believe that Mike did to the oud more than any other official institution anywhere, including the rich ones. It is satisfying, these 7 names because it is the basis of all sounds and everything that follows. The notes are definitely clear enough to read and follow, I don’t think anyone would have a problem making out the notation, and if anyone was to obtain a copy of Bashirs method with the level of clarity of music notation you have acheived, they would be happy, it looks very good.


For this reason I studied the 1st volume very carefully and I translated very accurately. He is a very nice and helpful guy, he explained that it is an edition from s and he sent me the cover of the first edition attached He gave me also a copy of a very old and very badly printed arabic book: Beirut Member Is Offline Mood: Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: From my experience I have found it best not to be too rigid with things like there is only one fingering for any one note.

Damascus Member Is Offline Mood: Just right click on the link and chose ” save link as” or “save target as” and it should work, if you just click it will load the pdf in your browser and you can save it when finished, it will take a while or more depending on the speed of your connection.

Just my 2 cts. Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable resource. Started form the lower to the upper look at figure 5. Restored Volume 2 Volume 2 digitally restored and looks much better now and I included basic english translation 2 versions available but the size went up: Spain Member Is Offline Mood: Music — it is the art of the beautiful voice to hearing which is very fine art that effects the refinement of a human and it consists of two — the musical instrument or the singing that comes from the throat.


You are helping to keep the work of this great man alive, and if you left the quality of the digital restoration as you now have made it, everyone would be grateful to you. Would it be an idea to have someone translate the most important parts of this? Not party spoiler at all Hamid, you’re probably right. MatthewW Oud Junkie Posts: Melbourne Oud Junkie Posts: Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: So I said to myself what the hell!

Marina Oud Junkie Posts: Hi Melbourne- speaking from both a guitar and oud players perspective, I would think that the finger you use to hold down that ‘F’ note as your example on the D string would sometimes be the 3rd finger or sometimes maybe the 2nd finger depending on where your fingers are coming from into that note, and then where you are going musically speaking after you finger that note.

Whatever fingering it takes to play the music with clarity, feeling, emotion, sensitivity and with proper speed and precision and feel comfortable and freely express one’s own unique individual approach to playing oud is what is important I think.