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Auf dieser Seite Set strokes Stroke panel options Add start and end shapes Define custom stroke styles Save custom stroke styles. You can also select stroke settings in the Control panel when a path or frame is selected. You can generate layouts for your print products using twxt different programs.

For example, a value of 9 requires the point length to be 9 times the stroke width test the point becomes beveled. Add start and end shapes. This content has been marked as final. Darum ging es auch dem Fragensteller. Bevel join Creates squared corners that abut the endpoints.

However, a custom stroke style must contain at least one dash, dot, or stripe. To load a custom stroke style.

Also, InDesign won’t convert underlines, strikethrough, paragraph rules, or other adornments to outline, it simply removes them. Click Add to save the stroke style and define another one. BeInspired Know-how Technology Backstage.

Convert text to outlines problem | Adobe Community

To delete a dash, dot, or stripe, drag it out of the ruler window. With the line or path selected, open the Stroke panel, and choose a style in the Start and End menus. In the Stroke panel menu, choose Stroke Styles. If you apply start and end shapes to a compound path that includes open subpaths, each open subpath will use the same start and end shapes. Dash to define a style with dashes spaced at regular or varying intervals.


Specify the appearance of the stroke at corner points: Click the Character Color section, and umqandeln click the stroke icon to make the options available. For Type, select one of the following:.

Apply line (stroke) settings in InDesign

You can save custom stroke styles for use inddsign other InDesign documents. Type a value between 1 and and press Enter or Return. And you might prefer to create logos in indesign Also, miters are easier to see at thicker stroke weights.

Why are you converting text to outlines; this is not a reccommended workflow for a number of reasons. Custom stroke styles can be saved and loaded into other InDesign documents. Specify a name and location for the stroke style. indesiggn

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Do one of the following:.

Adobe InDesign CC Archive – Flyeralarm – UK (EN)

The ruler updates to match the length you specify. Indesign is not a tool for creating Logos, but if Indesign is the only tool you have, feel free to use it. An eps from indesign is not the same as an eps from illustrator.


The options in the dialog box change to match your selection. Insesign know of someone who did word-processing in Lotus You can apply strokesor line settings, to paths, shapes, text frames, and text outlines.

I cannot fix indesign. Das freut mich gerade total! To adjust the width of a dash, move its ruler markers.

Choose a stroke type in the menu. If additional options are not visible, choose Show Options from the panel menu to display the other stroke attributes. Striped to define indesig style with one or more parallel lines.

If you frequently use the same stroke settings, you can save the settings in an object style, and quickly apply the same settings to any object. Nobody expected you personally to solve the problem. Its up to you.