15 Mar Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness by Gail Tredwell ( aka This is why I decided to read the book, to find out for myself what the hell Gail Tredwell has already been almost deified by the anti-Amrita. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to head Her insights drawn from years of personal experience render this book. Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell was there every step of the way—from early devotee to .. first I heard about this book was when I watched an interview of Gail Tredwell.

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This book has had mixed reviews in India. A few months ago wind of this situation blew over to Denmark. May 30, Asha Alex rated it it was amazing. Feb 23, Hari rated it it was amazing.

I’m sorry to have to say this, But, I think people considering getting involved with this creepy group should read this book.

Let us together join our mental forces in strength for the benefit of humanity.

Open Letter to Gail Tredwell: What I learned from reading your book, Holy Hell

I am the sister of Swami Premananda Madhu. Meera tells you her story herself at an international conference. May gaul, Ghufran rated it really liked it. Welcome to the backstage. However, during this temporal ascent, Gail was on a downward spiral spiritually — because she was discovering that her idol had feet of clay. Although she obviously had a lot of anger and resentment, I never imagined that she would write a book, which is self-destructive and might destroy the faith of others who are not beginners and well-grounded in their faith.

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This made perfect sense, and I decided to practice patience and restraint from then on. Now I am 64 years old. Retrieved 12 March You have shared your experience with uswhy can’t you file a case against this lady and the man who raped you?

In India, Amma is considered to be a Mahatma. Only then was she able to muster her battered but not quite broken spirit and plot her escape.

Kerala has gone into verbal overdrive with shrill accusations from both sides flying across the media and the internet. Otherwise, I cannot understand how amma did not recognize these very serious shortcomings of such a close diciple in the 20 years she was there.

Even a beginner on the spiritual path knows about these concepts and works to imbibe them in their daily life. Although Gail was in a very bad state when she left, I never felt that she would publish a book like this and go to such extremes to promote it.

Apr 01, Maureen rated it tredwsll was amazing. However, if this book forces future fence-sitters on spiritualism to have a rethink, it will tredewll more than served its purpose. At age ten I won first prize in boo, school writing contest and was awarded a copy of The Secret Garden.

Amma Scandal, As I know you must be aware, a man named Peter Roozendaal has recently sent out an email to various people making various accusations. Supposedly a genuine guru can do no wrong.


I thus answered my friend. That is unfortunately seen over and over again where people blame rape victims and you are perpetuating it. My name is Shubamrita.

Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness by Gail Tredwell

Hinduism in particular is saturated with tales of extreme tests and cruel treatment inflicted by gurus upon their disciples in order to measure tredqell faith, strength, and commitment. Feb 18, Arun rated it it was amazing. If you want to know the truth behind the mutt, you need to read this book.

Mar 12, Nandakishore Varma rated it really liked it. Mar 08, Margaret rated it really liked it. Bbook nothing prepared me for the nightmarish experience of actually reading it.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The book evokes the joys of early devotional life and vibrant images of rural India. Remember many came to Amma to be on the spiritual path. What a downfall from the path of humanity this is!

Gail Tredwell – Wikipedia

We also see how such a dizzying rise created vast opportunity for abuse, deceit, and hypocrisy. Amma chose Gayatri to play this part, maybe she is blessed for this part. Now I am 64 years old.