Praise. “Jason Fried and David Hansson follow their own advice in Rework, laying bare the surprising philosophies at the core of 37signals’ success and. we created our own: Basecamp. When we showed the online tool to clients and colleagues, they all said the same thing: “We need this for our business too. Week 7 of our 10 week eBook we are showcasing Rework by Jason Fried are two of the founders of the very successful 37signals company.

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I hope the audio cd will be available as download via audible. Great writers know how to communicate.

Rework: Unveiling the cover – Signal v. Noise

Nate Burgos on 21 Aug Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. But I still like his matter-of-fact ways.

Heiko Behrens on 21 Aug Assuming there will be a Kindle version. Book bundles, a conference, a dinner, who knows!

Inspiration is a fresh fruit on a milk, doesn’t have expiration date. I love how you try to make 37Signals more than it is. Can you confirm that?


Rework – Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson – Google Books

Quite SaaSish point of view. There are two shortcomings of this book. Part entrepreneurial handbook for the twenty-first century, part manifesto for anyone wondering how work really works in the modern age, REWORK is required reading for anyone tired of business platitudes. Stay in Touch Sign up.

No time is no excuse. Expectation Gap on 28 Aug Read it and you’ll know why plans I definitely liked the energy and theme here, but I was annoyed by the slapdash way these blog posts were put together without any thought to going deeper into these issues. Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priorities. Jan 04, Shalmalee rated it really liked it. Use the power of no to get your priorities straight. Pour yourself into your product and everything around your product too: Rework by Jason Fried.

Mar 09, Minutes. You can’t put it on a shelf and wait two months to get around it. Use tiny decisions to work th Good standard small business advice. This book shows you the way. Hire managers of 1 — self-directed people who can set their own goals rewotk reach them without help.


Rework: Unveiling the cover

Still problem is with current business ebopk and not with presented ideas. David Heinemeier Hansson is a partner at Basecamp formerly 37signalsa privately held Chicago-based company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary. Everything we know about business is in Rework. You never lead; you always follow.

You might even feel like you suck. View all 17 comments. If it’s still important then why rewogk out against it like it’s some kind of a disease. This book all about How to do business or work?

JP on 21 Aug May 04, imane rated it it was amazing Shelves: